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Resident Life

Unlike most residency programs, Authority Health residents devote most of their time seeing patients in the communities where they live, and learning about the communities that affect their health. The foundation of the program is in Federally Qualified Health Centers or FQHC’s, which provide a multidisciplinary group-practice model integrating medical and nursing, as well as other health disciplines. These health centers are located in urban Detroit, suburban Wayne County, and rural Monroe County.

Residents also work in private practice settings of physicians who are committed to distressed communities like Detroit. By working in these sites, residents experience the conditions that their patients live and work, and over time appreciate the social and structural influences that affect their health.

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Benefits & Salaries

OGME-1   $47,779
OGME-2   $49,440
OGME-3   $50,915
OGME-4   $52,823

Authority Health GME offers many benefits on top of salary, including 90% employer-paid health insurance and 100% employer-paid dental insurance premiums. Other benefits include life insurance, 20 days paid time off per contract year, conference and educational stipends (which are completely separate and in addition to a resident’s salary), lab coats, and program wide educational materials.

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Area Information

About Detroit
As with any complex urban environment, there are several aspects of Detroit. Indeed, much of it is vulnerable from all aspects of population health. While the needs are great, the rewards of working in this community are as well.

Contrary to stereotypes in the popular media, Detroit is a very livable city, with cultural, entertainment, and recreational options that match or exceed any city its size. Its regional options are even greater, with only a few hours distance from the finest recreational lands of North America. Check out these recent features for more details:

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Housing Opportunities
Urban Detroit has seen considerable revival in quality affordable housing in the Midtown and Downtown districts of the city. Check out these listings for urban living options within minutes of the Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine offices, and conveniently located for most practice sites in the program.

» Midtown Detroit
» Detroit Live Downtown

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