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Andrew Thompson, Sculptor and Teacher

It’s not easy being a free-lancer in anything, including teaching. Andrew Thompson is a college instructor at four colleges and is a working sculptor. Yet he has very little money left at the end of the month to purchase health coverage. Included in his monthly bills are payments on $60,000 in student loans, which he […]

Rosa Reyna, Waitress

Rosa Reyna has glaucoma in her right eye. She treats the disease with medicated eye drops that cost $98 per bottle, refilled monthly. She needs to see an eye specialist every six weeks, costing $177 per visit. When she was married, she had insurance. She is no longer married and became uninsured. She lives in […]

Christine Cardenas, Student

Christine Cardenas is a student at Wayne State University who, like several classmates, is without health insurance. She works at Macys department store, but doesnt earn enough to pay her tuition and living expenses and afford the health policy the store offers its employees. While shes healthy, other uninsured classmates have not been so fortunate. […]

Tom Jacobs, Personal Trainer

Tom Jacobs is a self-employed personal fitness trainer who is in excellent physical condition. However, financial pressures forced him to make choices on his living expenses. Given that he was in physically fit, he took the risk that health insurance was one bill he could do without. However, he developed a heart valve problem that […]

“Faces of the Uninsured” Project

Often, disenfranchised populations within society are relegated a statistic. They are marginalized by way of costs expended on their behalf and needs that remain unfulfilled. They are often seldom seen as individuals with personalities and deserving respect. Likewise, those who enjoy privileges like health insurance fail to realize that the disenfranchised may be a family […]