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Health Beyond Health Care

Chris Allen, CEO of the Health Authority, was part of a panel discussion called “Health Beyond Health Care,” presented by the Washington Post on June 18. You can see the interview here:

Board of Directors Urges Expansion of Medicaid in Michigan

The Detroit Wayne County Health Authority Board of Directors approved the following resolution at its regular meeting on April 24, 2013: Whereas, the Detroit Wayne County Health Authority was established to provide access to health care for all people; and Whereas, many uninsured adults neglect routine health and dental care until their conditions become emergent, […]

Movie Explains Health Care

KAISER FAMILY FOUNDATION LAUNCHES ONLINE HEALTH REFORM SOURCE TO EXPLAIN, ANALYZE AND TRACK THE NEW LAWS IMPLEMENTATION New Initial Features Include Animated Movie Explaining the Law, Policy and Public Opinion Monitoring, and State-Specific Data  CONTACTS Rakesh Singh (650) 234-9232 rsingh@kff.orgCraig Palosky (202) 347-5270 MENLO PARK, Calif. — Nearly six months since the signing of […]

Obama Appointments Suggest Health Policy Direction

Since Barack Obama’s election as the 44th President there are early signs of what direction the new administration and Congress will pursue in reforming the American health care system. The early signs come from the people that Team Obama has tapped for leadership posts and actions in Congress that will push the new administration toward […]