Community Advisory Committee

The Community Advisory Committee is comprised of health and human service leaders who advise the Health Authority on grassroots issues. Representatives range from community health advocates, senior service providers, and faith leaders to a sub-group of community nursing administrators who serve as the advisory board of the Detroit Nurse-Family Partnership. The Health Authority also works through these organizations to channel communication to their constituencies.

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Purpose and Expectations

The overall purpose of the Community Advisory Committee is to provide the senior leadership of the Health Authority with important feedback into the plans, programs and direction of the Health Authority through meaningful dialogue at committee meetings.

The core function of this committee is:

  • To assist the staff of the Health Authority in establishing tactical outcome measurements and program strategies on an annual basis.
  • To review and assess the progress of the initiatives.
  • To discuss barriers and challenges to success for the Health Authority initiatives.
  • To contribute ideas and resources for overcoming the identified barriers.

This functionality will greatly foster inclusiveness among the key stakeholders and help build a sense of ownership in the strategic direction of the Health Authority.

The expectations of the Community Advisory Committee:

  • Members will serve in a capacity of representing an organization(s) that is/are considered to be a key stakeholder to the Health Authority as the mission and strategic plan is achieved.
  • Representatives of the stakeholder organization gather feedback from the executive leadership of their organization on the strategic direction and voice that feedback at the Advisory Committee meetings.
  • The outcomes and dialogue of the Advisory Committee meeting will be shared with the executive leadership of the represented organization to maintain direct open lines of communication between the Health Authority and its key organizational and Provider stakeholders.
  • Ask questions about the work of the Health Authority and the effectiveness of its efforts.

Members are also charged with helping the Health Authority with community engagement. While members should offer constructive criticism, they should also support the Health Authority’s goals, help communicate its messages, help identify need and service opportunities, and generally help connect the Health Authority with community resources.


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