The group has identified six broad goals:

  • Make changes that can be measured in childhood obesity rates. Changes will be measured against the county health rankings data.
  • Increase and accelerate improvement in child and family health. This can be done by reducing obesity and preventing obesity through healthy eating, increased physical activity and education.
  • Bring resources and organizations together to raise awareness of childhood obesity. Make solving the problem a priority.
  • Work with community groups, organizations, and individuals to share data, resources and technology. Disseminate best and promising practices related to healthy lifestyle and childhood obesity prevention and intervention.
  • Identify and work to lessen factor that contribute to the increase in childhood obesity rates. These factors should include the impact on vulnerable populations.
  • Encourage the best and most promising practices, programs, special events, and policy efforts advancing child and family health and well being at local, state, and national levels.

The Coalition is made up of three work groups that focus on more targeted action items taking steps towards accomplishing the coalition’s broad goals.

If you would like more information about the coalition or are interested in joining, please email Kathy Beard at kbeard@authorityhealth.org.

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