The MOTION Members Identified Five Priorities:

Priority 1: Food and Health

Includes food systems, access to healthy food, community gardens and urban agriculture, education policy, and living laboratories. Specific goals are:
  1. Develop list of farming/gardening training programs in the city/county(see list HERE)
  2. Continue efforts to bring fresh foods and healthy prepared meals to grocers in SW Detroit (Mi Plato Mi Vida)
  3. Explore tax breaks for individual grocers
  4. Investigate the Kettering Food Enterprise Center business plan – proposed renovation of old Kettering High School into a “food business park” with indoor and outdoor gardening
  5. Collaborate with the Detroit Food Policy Council

Priority 2: Physical Education and Physical Activity

Schools, local parks. Specific goals are:
  1. Develop one-page fact sheet to describe the nutrition and physical activity problem
  2. Develop a presentation to the Detroit Public School Board describing the nutrition/physical activity needs/problem
    • Explore physical activity and nutrition regulations in before/after school programs
    • Explore development of joint-use agreements between schools and community
  3. Partner with city and county parks and recreation departments
  4. Partner with Back Alley Bikes, YMCA and other community groups
  5. Conduct survey re: impact on stray dogs on neighborhood safety (and willingness to play and walk outdoors)
  6. Explore connection with barber shops and hair salons as a place to disseminate “healthy living” information

Priority 3: Health Infrastructure

Parks and recreation, food retail and hospital systems. Specific goals are:
  1. Ensure all local hospitals are baby friendly (i.e., promote breast feeding, early bonding)
  2. Partner with city and county parks and recreation departments

Priority 4: Body Mass Index (BMI)

BMI is a widely accepted screening tool for identifying overweight and obese individuals who may be at risk for weight related health problems. Specific goals are:
  1. Work with pediatricians and health care systems to encourage the use of the Pediatric BMI Growth Module for pediatric patients (0-18 years) on the MI Care Improvement Registry (MICR)
    • Growth module accepts height and weight data and provides BMI information and clinical decision support to guide the prevention and treatment of overweight and obesity issues.
    • Encourages weight and nutrition counseling and physical activity counseling

Priority 5: Sugar Drink Tax

  1. A city tax on sugar drinks may decrease purchase and consumption while generating revenue that could be allocated to public health programs
  2. Identify someone in the city who is willing to “champion” this issue


If you would like more information about the coalition or are interested in joining, please email Kathy Beard at kbeard@authorityhealth.org.

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