American Heart Association

Our Mission: Michigan

Building healthier lives, free of cardiovascular diseases & stroke.

We’re helping individuals and communities build a culture of health so all people can live life to the fullest with healthy hearts and brains.

Heart & Stroke Research

We are the leading funder of cardiovascular research after the federal government.

  • $3.7 billion invested nationwide since 1949
  • $10.27 million for 70 new & continuing studies in Michigan in 2014

Equitable Health for All

African Americans have nearly twice the risk of stroke. Hispanic women tend to get heart disease 10 years earlier.

  • Power To End Stroke® educated 61,689 African Americans
  • Go Red Por Tu Corazónreached 7,000 Hispanic women
  • 408 people enrolled in our new Check. Change. Control.™  blood pressure program

Healthy Communities

Important public policy victories:

  • all schools must have cardiac emergency response plans
  • $1.3 million more funding for trauma, stroke & STEMI systems of care
  • $1 million appropriation for school PE and nutrition programs
  • pulse ox testing for all newborns
  • Voices for Healthy Kids grant to promote healthy food financing

We’re working to ensure:

  • greater access to healthy food in underserved communities
  • smoke-free air laws are strengthened/protected
  • CPR/AED training is required for high school graduation
  • development of statewide STEMI, stroke and sudden cardiac arrest systems of care

Helping You Make Healthy Decisions

Less than 1% of Americans have ideal heart health.

  • 64,384 women have joined the Go Red movement or participated in Go Red heart-health events
  • 182,423 children fought obesity through Jump Rope For Heart/Hoops For Heart last year
  • 72 companies with 324,602 employees became Fit-Friendly Worksites
  • 6 Teaching Gardens in schools