Detroit Food Policy Council

The Detroit Food Policy Council was established in 2009 by unanimous approval of The Detroit City Council.  The DFPC is an implementation, monitoring and advisory body and consists of twenty-one members, including thirteen (13) representatives from various sectors of the Food System, four (4) “at-large” representatives, one (1) youth representative and three (3) governmental representatives, one each from the Mayor’s Office, City Council and The Department of Health and Wellness Promotion (DHWP).


DFPC is committed to nurturing the development and maintenance of a sustainable, localized food system and a food-secure City of Detroit in which all of its residents are hunger-free, healthy, and benefit economically from the food system that impacts their lives.


We envision a city of Detroit with a healthy, vibrant, hunger-free populace that has easy access to fresh produce and other healthy food choices; a city in which the residents are educated about healthy food choices, and understand their relationship to the food system; a city in which urban agriculture, composting and other sustainable practices contribute to its economic vitality; and a city in which all of its residents, workers, guests and visitors are treated with respect, justice and dignity by those from whom they obtain food.


The Detroit Food Policy Council is committed to assessing information and developing solutions for the benefit of, and with accountability to, the people of Detroit.  We respect the past and are focused on forward movement, seeing beyond the immediate or short term impact of our actions. We use a consensus decision making model whereby all voices are heard and all those making decisions are willing to fully support implementation of decisions made.  With this in mind, the DFPC has adopted the following values to guide our work.

 Justice – To actively work for racial equity and healing. To challenge institutional and structural systems that perpetuate injustice of all kinds and do not take into account those most adversely affected by inequities in the food system.

 Respect – To honor each person’s humanity by recognizing that every individual has value. To actively listen to others, be open-minded and seek common ground in spite of differences. To create safe space where everyone can speak their mind without fear of being ignored, judged, or demeaned.

 Integrity – To demonstrate consistency between words and actions. To be honest and trustworthy  and to act in keeping with our stated values and goals.

 Inclusion – To actively develop leadership and seek participation from Detroiters, especially those who are most impacted by the lack of access, justice, and sovereignty in the local food system.

 Transparency – To operate with openness with each other and the public with the goal of being accountable to our fellow Detroiters. To create and implement processes that are consistent with our values and goals.

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