The Coalition convenes three work groups.  Each year the groups will focus on targeted action items, in their specific areas of expertise, to accomplish the Coalition’s broad goals . The three work groups are:

Policy and Advocacy

Promotes healthy eating, physical activity, healthy lifestyle education, and wellness programs for children and community through:

  • Professional Recommendations
  • Community Advocacy
  • Support of Environmental and Policy Actions and Initiatives

Education and Public Awareness

Increases public awareness of the long-term health problems of childhood obesity and the existence and purpose of this coalition through:

  • Dissemination of Information
  • Promotion of Health Programs, Messages and Initiatives, such as Mi Plato, Mi Vida
  • Education of the Public, Community Leaders, and Professionals About the Work of the Coalition

Data, Research and Evaluation

Collects, monitors, and organizes relevant national, state, and local data, research and program information to:

  • Inform the Coalition and Other Work groups
  • Monitor the Coalition’s Impact
  • Compile Evidence-based Programs and Initiative, and Best Practices Related to Childhood Obesity Prevention

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