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Detroit Regional Health Collaborative

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Representatives from various public and private health organizations have agreed to work on a Detroit region community health improvement initiative as the Detroit Regional Health Collaborative.

The objective of the Detroit Regional Health Collaborative is to develop one or more health improvement initiatives, including evidence-based programs and policies for Detroit, Wayne County and/or neighboring, adjacent regions so as to demonstrably raise the level of overall regional health.

This objective has three sub-objectives with corresponding deliverables as follow:

  • Develop a series of three authoritative, community health needs assessments describing the state of health in the region;
  • Develop a critical mass of common understanding among motivated, ready-to-act and capable community partners to support the development of programmatic health improvement initiatives that measurably impact health status; and
  • Identify and evaluate programmatic interventions intended to address the highest health priorities of community and collaborative members.

The key deliverable of the Collaborative will be several health improvement initiatives focused on particular medical conditions, populations and geographic locations. Prior to that, we anticipate a single analysis describing the current state of regional health, health delivery resources and process evaluation.

This initiative is being led by Authority Health as the backbone organization, with community stakeholders from various organizations. For more information on this project, contact Dennis Archambault at 313-871-3751.


Detroit-Wayne County Health Collaborative – Health Snapshot – PDF Added: May 5, 2015