Draus speaks atDetroit Wayne County Population Health Council meeting


The Health Authority’s Population Health Council has four work groups:

Data Resource Group

  • data categories, validity, timeliness (2010-on)
  • asset map
  • gap analysis
  • ID funding to support data studies

Deliverable: Summary of assets and gaps, recommendations for collaboration, data acquisition

Community Education and Advocacy Group

  • Educate community leaders, elected officials, civic leaders on health disparities and impact on community well-being, role of place in understanding health status, what health equity is and why it matters.
  • Mobilize advocacy effort in collaboration with MOSES and MichUHCAN, as well as other organizations to be named around health disparities and health equity, as well as health literacy
  • Develop an updated resource guide on current literature about health disparities and health equity, particularly as it applies to community action strategies
  • Social and news media strategies
  • Wayne County/Detroit elected officials briefing
  • Faith-based outreach

Deliverable: Education and advocacy plan for 2012

Community Needs Assessment Process/Action Plan Group

  • Health system activity
  • MDCH/WCHD local health needs assessment
  • Population Health mechanism to collect data, analysis
  • Action plan

Deliverable: Update on health systems needs assessments and health department activities, proposal for role of Population Health Council

Community Engagement Group

  • Assess current initiatives under way designed to impact population health
  • Based on Data Resource Group work and gap analysis, and community needs assessment data, recommend additional opportunities for community health intervention: public health initiatives, Health Authority wellness centers, health system collaborations, grant opportunities
  • Develop measurement tools to gauge improvement in public health
  • Identify funding

Deliverable: Develop an implementation plan that involves a collaboration between public health, health system, and community health initiatives that measurably improves the health status of Detroit and Wayne County, and serves as a model for regional implementation.