Dr. John Sealey, Director of Medical Education, Detroit Wayne County Health Authority - Vital Signs

Vital Signs TV Show

Detroit Public Television and DWCHA Start a Conversation with Vital Signs TV Show

Public broadcasting has shown that video content is a great conversation starter. We want to promote a conversation around population health, looking at several topics such as Childhood Mental Health, Workforce Development, Maternal Health, Childhood Obesity and Health Literacy.

In each case, Detroit Public Development, with the help of local content experts, develops 30-minute feature documentaries on the topics. Then a community engagement discussion guide is prepared for community presentations, as well as small group discussions. Programs are housed on the websites of program partners and can be easily excerpted for targeted discussion.

The Vital Signs TV show is an ongoing partnership between the Detroit-Wayne County Health Authority and Detroit Public Television to provide information about health care concerns to wider audiences. Each topic includes a documentary program and community engagement activities, with the goal of creating an active conversation on improving health status in our region.

Watch the programs produced thus far:

» Vital Signs I, “Child Mental Health”
» Vital Signs II, “Workforce Development”: Under Pressure
» Vital Signs II: The Temperature
» Vital Signs II: The Pulse
» Vital Signs II: Breathing Room
» Vital Signs page at Detroit Public Television