Maternal Health Services

A major indicator of poor health status in Detroit and Wayne County is the high infant mortality rate. But the Health Authority views this as one critical indicator within the greater realm of maternal health.

The Health Authority has established two community-based programs to address infant mortality through maternal health:

The Nurse-Family Partnership, a national, evidenced-based home visitation model that addresses the psychosocial needs of first-time mothers. The NFP program offers up to three years of health and social counseling, resulting in healthier deliveries, improved parenting, and economic empowerment of the mother/parents.

The community-based nurse midwifery service offers a more personal, high quality nursing alternative to the birthing process. Nurses relate to their clients in the community, helping them with prenatal care and routine births. Complicated births are referred to affiliated specialists in obstetrics and gynecological medicine.

More information about our maternal health services will be added in the future.